Dedicated servers, racks and co-location

rackWebspesialisten is a Norwegian company that manages and has equipment in 3 data centre in Oslo and we have been in business for 18 years. Our latest data center was ready in 2010 and is owned by us. We operate on Tier Level 4  when it comes to availability and security, the highest level possible. We have redundancy on every level from cooling to power supplies, UPS, distribution lines, batteries, PDUs, PSUs, Internet, disks and so on.

Norway and Oslo is one of the safest place on the planet to have your servers. Norway have strong privacy laws when it comes to access to client servers and sensitive matters.

We offer two kinds of services: Managed Dedicated servers and racks co-location (21U or 42U). Webspesialisten has clients all over the world. We can mention the US-based monitoring company that has been with us for years after having gone through serious speed testing of our network. Other clients are government institutions and large retailers with high traffic load.

Our business strategy is to mainly deliver managed services, that means that we monitor your server(s) and fix any issues that may occur, day or night. Everything is included in a fixed price, so you will not get any sudden, unexpected bills from us. We can even install any software you may provide, or accept and install hardware delivered from delivery trucks. Everything without any additional costs. You get full access also.

We do not allow anyone else than employees of our company to access our buildings, no clients are allowed. On this issue, we are different from all or most norwegian computer centre in Norway and Oslo. In addition to our uptime promise: If your server has less uptime than 99,99% a month, the entire months payment is returned.

 Just call +47 45 10 22 22 or email us at support AT