Dedicated servers, racks and co-location

rackWebspesialisten is a Norwegian company that manages and has equipment in 3 data centers in the capital of Oslo and we have been in business for 18 years.

Our latest data center was approved in 2010 and is owned and built by us from scratch. We operate on the high Tier Level 4  when it comes to availability and security. We have redundancy on every critical level from cooling to power (UPS), distribution lines, batteries, PDUs, network and so on – with no single point of failure.

Norway and Oslo is one of the safest place on the planet to have your server. Norway have strong laws when it comes to access to servers and sensitive matters and green power.

We offer several different kind of services: Managed dedicated servers and managed rack co-location. Webspesialisten has clients from all over the world.

Our business strategy is to mainly deliver managed services, that means that we monitor your server/rack and fix any issues that may occur, day and night. Everything is included in a fixed price, so you will not get any unexpected bills. We can even install any software you may provide, or accept and install hardware delivered from delivery trucks. Everything without any additional costs.

We do not allow anyone else than employees of our company to access our buildings, no clients are allowed on-premise. On this issue, we are different from many Norwegian data centers in Norway.

Our most popular data center, DC1 OSLO, has close to 100% uptime since the beginning in 2010 (8 years) with only minor incidents/maintenance (minutes). This puts us even higher than all major vendors in Norway (as we are aware of) and this is thanks to modern planned straight-forward solutions with no shortcuts and a genuine interest in data center and technology. We have no big investors breathing down our necks and we have no debt.

In 2017, we upgraded all our PDUs. In 2018, we replaced one of two major UPS and had big maintenance on the second one after that. All done without any downtime thanks to loads of batteries and 100% redundant circuits.

 Just call +47 45 10 22 22 or email us at support AT