Data Center

We operate three data centers in Oslo Norway and mainly provide managed rack rental and managed servers.

We operate on the high Tier Level 4 when it comes to availability and security for all the data centers. There is redundancy on every critical level from cooling to power (UPS), distribution lines, batteries, PDUs, network and so on – with no single point of failure.

Managed Rack in Data Center

Our main service is that we accept delivery of machines to one of our data center and will install and setup everything according to instructions given by the customer. We monitor connections, power, cooling and other data based on what the customer wants. So we basically operates as your remote hands – usually at a fixed price that includes a few hours each month to take care of any needs.

Managed Dedicated Server in Norway

Some clients only need one or two servers and we can setup and monitor them to the customers spesification. We can monitor disk, services, database systems and much more. In most cases, we deliver the server and the rent covers the hardware costs. But every client is different.

Fixed contact point

As a customer of us, you can call us 24/7 to have us do things in the data center or on the server. We also have close connection to Supermicro dealer/repair shop (the only one in Norway), so we can meet any server need – usually in hours. They are located ten minutes from our main data center in Oslo.

Data center operation

Since our main strategy is managed colocation, we only have new and
stable equiptment and our data centers are usually far ahead of the
competition because we put quality above square inch.


Call +47 21 91 81 45 or use our contact form to ask about our managed colocation and rack-rental.