Datacenter in Norway

Webspesialisten AS is a Norwegian private company that is 10 years old. We have clients here in Norway that is amoung the biggest on electronic trade. We also do hosting and specially colocation for international clients.

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Why Colocation and hosting in Norway

We have a very stable political situation, with transparent government and a strict legal system that protects your privacy and rights. Norway score among the best when it comes to corruption based on several international surveys.

In addition, we have almost unlimited access to green, clean power and we do not have any climate threats, hurricanes, flooding, earthquake or similar.

Why choose us?

We are a medium sized private company that is available on the phone 24/7. Norway has a big 8-5 working force, but we operate 24/7 and in most cases our prices will include support outside normal office hours in Norway.

We have been in business for a long time and we know or have presence on most big data center in Norway and the Oslo-area. We have even built our own data center for clients who wants to be 100% away from sharing data center floor and it is closed for access by clients.

We can place clients based on your budget and redundancy level – either if you need three 48U racks or just a few servers in a standard rack. We can provide 100% managed rack and servers – or you can be your own master.