By default, we install the server with minimal Rocky 9.4 install, along with control panel. We also install ConfigServer firewall and mod_security.

We need following info:

  1. Hostname for the server. Short and easy name that will be used in logs and perhaps also for admin-login to the server when using DirectAdmin. For instance if your company name is «Pepsi Max», we would recommend lowercase «pepsi» as your hostname. Not possible with upper case letters, not even at start.
  2. The hostname you choose will be connected to a domain, so we can setup different services like DirectAdmin or control panels from browser and make it easier to connect to SSH. Unless you want it otherwise, your server will be and if you have DirectAdmin, your login URL will be In case you choose pepsi as hostname, you will login at
  3. If you have a subdomain you want to use instead of our general «», just point that sub-domain to the servers IP-address before we install DirectAdmin. It is not possible to change the hostname/sub-domain after install of DirectAdmin because it is written all over the system.

After setup

You will get the username, and password for the main user of the system for both DirectAdmin and SSH.