Upgrade path for disks

If there is a need for increased space on the server in future, that is possible two different ways:

  1. Upgrade to 2 x 15 TB disks in the future when it is available (it is expected to become available during 2024) and if needed. Since disks are already mirrored by default in RAID1, this is easy using expansion of one and one disk at a time and doing a final file system expansion. No customize or re-programming is needed. Almost no downtime, just short time during two nights (2×10 min). Nothing needed from developer, all handled by us. Disks can be one-time cost based on current price of replacement.
  2. Using storage at our local file servers (paid for per TB stored), the mount point/disk would be on the file system for instance as catalog named /data (as opposed to /home/user/public_html for instance).

    As developer, you need to make sure that files are stored/uploaded at the exact path /data/ (or any subfolder of /data of course) to actually use the remote storage/files and not store locally. No downtime. If MySQL or database engine needed to be stored on /data as well as files/documents, it is possible – but recommended to keep it locally unless space restricted, that gives best speed.

We notify about the setup in case method 2 is prefered in the future, so you can plan for this option if ever needed 🙂 Note that current prices of 15 TB Enterprise NVMe disks are expected to start at around 4000 euro per disk from start (and we always use two for redundancy), but this will hopefully go down with time as most things do. There are benefits of having disks locally, easier to maintain and cheaper (per month).