Colocation in Oslo Norway

We offer colocation and and rack with a basic level of support on several data centers in Norway. This support includes hands-on support on incidents and delivery support.

We also do accept and mount equipment based on instructions. If you need any IT-equipment, it can be a better choice to order it through us and have it delivered locally as part of the hosting-package. You will then have all warranties and service through us. We are dealers for HP, Supermicro and other brands. Supermicro also have a repair and sale shop next to one of our data centers.

Norway has multiple data centers in the Oslo-region (the capital). Most data centers rent out big white-space (empty rooms) to different IT-companies, so that they don’t have to deal directly with clients that only rent a few racks. The data centers we use are on Tier 3 and Tier 4 level and has the highest rankings in Norway.

Basic 7U rack Oslo – Norway (example)

Price: € 850 Euro per month (example)


  • 2 x 1 Gbit/s Internet connection
  • 24/7 contact point
  • 2 kw of power
  • 100% Uptime Warranty

Feel free to call or contact us in English. You can read a bit more about us as well.

Rent multiple servers instead?

We also offer 2019-Supermicro-servers where network and power is included at a good price. No setup-fee and no in front investments for you as a customer. It might have a lower total cost than using your own servers and rent rack-space.

We do not rent out servers for mailing purposes or gambling.

Privacy at heart

Strict privacy laws in Norway

Fast network

Quick access to entire Europe

Managed Rack

We can do hands-on service for you - included

Ofte stilte spørsmål

We can receive, unpack and assemble your equipment in one of our data centers. Also, we can configure it after your written instructions. This is all basic service included in the rent with no extra cost in most cases. We also do service and changes to server after install whenever you need it. We will try to work as good as you would and document any changes along the way.

Yes, we are next to a SuperMicro dealer and can deliver most configurations very fast. We also offer HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco and other brands, but they have longer delivery times. The cost of the gear would normally be built into the rent-price as part of the service.

In general, they are either Tier3 or Tier2, based on location. Tier3 is the highest classified datacenter in Norway that is open for commercial business.

All our data centers are within 3 km from OSLO, the capitol of Norway. They are on different parts of the city.

We have both our own smaller data centers and rent space from bigger players in the biggest data centers in Norway. Typically, they do not rent out directly to clients or only sell rooms or massive number of racks. This is where we come in. We rent square space, fill with racks and rent out to smaller companies in Norway and abroad. One of our biggest advantages is that we provide full service 24/7, where you would pay a lot for this service if ordered seperatly.

We do wire transfer by default, but we can accept bitcoins if you are able to pay for longer terms at one time (to avoid administration every quarter).